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Digital design is about reaching goals while focusing on theuser experience and aesthetics of the product.

What is digital design? Simply, it's a global term to describe various disciplines for creating digital products. Be it web design, UX/UI design, product design, or graphic design, it’s every design that's in digital format. In today’s world, the look-and-feel is often the crucial part of getting in touch with your audience.

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Web design

When designing websites, the main goal is to get to know the key users and adapt the website to them, from the look and feel to key functions and user behaviour while using the website.

  • UX research
  • responsive website
  • web design for tourism, portfolio websites, product or service representation...
  • Everything from simple to complex

    Our design projects reach from simple, one-page websites to complex ones. With every project, we aspire to make a whole product that brings a return of investment.

  • Website as your sales asset

    Not only will you be visible online, but a website can generate new sales and clients. That's what we have in mind when crafting the best solution for you.

  • Revitalize old websites

    This industry is evolving ever so rapidly, and so are new trends and technologies. Revitalize your old website with modern and up-to-date website solutions.

  • Design that reaches goals

    If you want a website just to have a website, think again. Same as with every strategic action, the website needs to have goals. But don't worry, we're here to help you find yours!

App design

App Design or Product Design refers to designing mobile and web applications. When working in this kind of complex system, it's important for it to be useful and intuitive and reach the ultimate goal of the product - making business and life easier.

  • web app design
  • mobile app design
  • webshop design
  • SaaS design
  • Designing for user needs

    Your product is for specific users that have specific needs and behaviours. It's necessary to research and adapt the functions according to the findings on what your audience likes or does online.

  • Good design boosts revenue

    Optimize your way to clients and sales with the right tools to reach them, be it a webshop, SaaS or anything that helps you engage with them. Or improve efficiency with an internal tool customized for your company's needs.

  • Simple when need be

    Be it simple or complex, good app design is clearly laid out, efficient to use, and aesthetically pleasing. But don't think it means simplifying complex functions. With good design, there is a way of making complex things intuitive.

  • Start with problems, end with solutions

    What do users need? Do they have a specific problem and will solving that problem bring them significant value? Those questions need to be asked and answered to have a successful app.

Visual identity

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's one of the key principles when working with visual identity. With one look at a logo, illustration or photo, users can tell what is the brand identity, mood, price range and many more brand features. With this great power of visual identity comes great responsibility - to send the right message to the right people.

  • Logo and brandbook
  • Icons
  • Illustrations
  • Recognizable brand

    With expanding markets and so many similar services, it's often hard to be different. That's where our research and creative workshops come in hand - to make your brand stand out! 

  • First impact is crucial

    The fastest way to the client's heart is by making him relate to your brand. Visual identity is the first trigger that your client can see, so make sure you stand out from others!

  • Unique

    Visual identity is like a fingerprint - unique for every business and aiming to be different from the competition. Let's make you stand out in your market.

  • The whole package

    It's important to adapt all the visual aspects of your business to the message you want to present to your clients with your logo. Icons, illustrations, printed graphics - we got you covered.

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